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10 questions to ask a Breeder!


When purchasing a dog you will want to make sure that you are getting a dog from a reputable breeder. This in turn will ensure that you are supporting only good breeders, and breeders whom have the knowledge and experience to charge you what they do for puppies. Remember the dog will be a 15 year commitment and when you need help you want to make sure that the Breeder both answers the phone AND has the actual experience to help you in the future!

1. Ask them how long they have been breeding for, and how many litters they have had?

Notes: The best breeders have been breeding for at least 10 years with 1-4 litters per year which will give you the confidence in their ability to properly whelp, raise, grade the litters, and know the lines better.


2. How many champions have they bred? Read: why shows are important?

Notes: This shows the consistency in the quality that they produce regularly.

3. Ask them what the common illnesses are in the breed and then ask them to explain to you how they effect the dogs and what the treatment is?

Notes: A Breeder should be well educated in the breed and know about the illness that is common and be able to tell you exactly how they effect the dogs, if there is a cure, treatment, symptoms etc. If they do not know this basic information then ***find a different breeder***!

4. Ask them what education the have received in canine reproduction, genetics and structural evaluation?

Notes: Good breeders are staying up to date and attending seminars and lectures from veterinarians, and specialists, to make sure that they have the most up to date knowledge. 

5. Ask them about the temperament of each parent AND GRAND PARENTS TOO. It is most common that the dogs are more like the grand parents than the parents!


Notes: A good Breeder should know all about all of them because they should have researched all of that before deciding to breed the two together!

6. Ask the if BOTH the parents received all breed specific health testing?


Notes: Ask for copies, OR a direct link to the dogs public results online as proof. The breed should supply you with copies easily!

7. Ask them how they socialize the puppies? What exactly do they do and how often do they do these things with puppies and when? Will they give you updates about how each puppy is progressing if you ask?


Notes: It is common that Breeders lie and say that they do when they do not!

8. Ask them to talk to their past puppy owners from OLDER past litters?


Notes: It is easy to talk to a buyer who is raving about the puppy they just brought home. But ask the buyers who have had a dog and have had to deal with the Breeder for a long length of time!

9. Ask them why their dogs are worth what they are worth and what the price includes?

Notes: Some Breeders try to just charge you as much as they can get from you!

10. Will the puppies be registered and will the Breeder register them into the new owners name for you along with the microchip?


Notes: They should always be microchipped! The Breeder should pay for and register your puppy into your name for you and have it to you no more than 6 months from the date of sale as Canadian law requires. (Exception is CKC delayed registration or CKC MCN Numbers)


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